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Jogging in the Park Better Than to Gym

If you want to be healthy, increase energy and mood, no need to spend much money to go to the gym. Simply jogging in the park near the house, energy and mood (mood) is more improved than the exercise in the gym. Research carried out the University of Bangor found running outdoors is better for … Continue reading

Therapy Can Heal Gay?

London, Gay or men who love the same sex is one of the disorders of sexual orientation. What if a gay man trying to be cured with therapy hatred? Michael Knight, a consultant psychiatrist published a paper on this topic that said that the biological treatment for homosexuals began to dominate around the early 20th … Continue reading

Brave to Say Good for Health

Michigan, freedom to express opinions is the right of all people. And you know, that dared to express an opinion is also good for your health. When you experience tension with other people, good boss, wife or child, then you should be brave our opinion and your argument, because it avoids confrontation could be dangerous … Continue reading

When Sports Takes Negative Effects to Body

For a sportsman or athlete with experience, improve fitness and body shape requires more than just a routine exercise. However, too much exercise can lead to negative conditions that affect the body and mind. Overtraining or chronic fatigue occurs when the intensity, frequency or duration of excessive exercise. Under these conditions, sport can bring negative … Continue reading

Trends Which Give Health Risk

Everyone will want to follow fashion trends emerging. But without realizing some of this trend can actually be harmful to health. Different ways people do to make it look interesting, pretty and follow trends. Unfortunately, the way a person does not just make it interesting but also damage his health. Quoted from Health24, Sunday (15/08/2010) … Continue reading

Why Tattoos hard to Omitted

There are several techniques that claimed to remove tattoos in the skin, but in fact the tattoo could not just disappear without leaving a trace. Why can tattoo lasting decades and difficult to be eliminated? Reporting from eHow, Wednesday (18/08/2010), a permanent tattoo is so difficult to remove from skin. For one thing, the manufacture … Continue reading

Not Easy to Choose Healthy Eggs without Bacteria

Atlanta, Behind the usefulness as a healthy food, eggs are very susceptible to infection with Salmonella bacteria. But unfortunately, to find out if an egg is healthy or infected with bacteria hard to do. What can be done only to prevent it. Eggs may contain harmful food bacteria called Salmonella enteritidis (S. enteritidis). These bacteria … Continue reading

After Bathing why Hand So Wrinkles?

The fingers will usually wrinkled hands after bathing or playing water for long periods. Conditions like this are normal, but what causes itwrinkled hands and feet when in the water? After finishing a shower or a relaxing swim in the pool, people will usually find a wrinkled hands and feet. This condition usually occurs when … Continue reading

5 Types Germs Which Immuneted from Antibiotics

excessive use of antibiotics has resulted in super germs that are difficult killed with drugs. Not only superbug found in India just recently, various types of super germs actually is all around us. The newest is a super bacteria germs from India, New Delhi called Metallo-beta-lactamase or NDM-1. Bacteria resistant to antibiotics most potent carbapenem … Continue reading

Snoring Can Burn Calories

California, aka snoring Snoring is experienced by almost everyone, especially if sleeping in conditions that are too tired. And it turns out bad habits that often interfere with these other people can burn calories. Scientists found that people who frequently snores in his sleep to burn more calories than people who rarely snore. It is … Continue reading