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Club Camilan: An Overview Top Choice For Being Lesbian

Club Camilan is a book which was originally bought for an idea I picked up as a thesis. But after seeing the situation and conditions of limited information on the lesbian community in Bengkulu, the intention cannot raised about this.

This novel is a collection of short stories (if you can not called a diary) of the three figures. Namely Talitha Donna, Bella Widjaja, and Brigitta NS. At first, this novel is a collection of writings from a blog (

Scholastic Press is the publisher would dare publish the Club snack and a resume into a light novel, full of meaning, and full of feminism. Reading this novel could be accompanied by the odd cup of coffee and cookies at the time relaxing. There was no hassle and puzzles such as Sherlock Holmes novel or series of words connotations in Laskar Pelangi tetralogy.

The novel is merely the diary of the three figures. The common thread in each story are summarized in it is a matter of their choice to be lesbian. No other element that is strong enough as issues raised socialita Tere Liye or comedy written Raditya Dika. There would not deplete the stories that excessive emotion. So no need to prepare a tissue before reading this novel.

Club Camilan is divided into six parts of the story is prologue, donuts, cakes, brownies, epilogue, and the Intermezzo in between the turn of the figure. Interestingly the three characters described as a snack, it does fit with their favorite snacks each. Well, his name is also Club Camilan, if not there is not a complete snack..

There are 14 short stories in the Doughnut. Donna Donat is Talitha. A type lesbians female lovers (sorry, if arguably not play girl ..). He was a lesbians who surrounded the women in his life from the start Maya which is a favorite The White Rabbit who always made him uncomfortable because the possessive for mercy. Then there were Nicolle Rosalinda as women from the past, her first love who is now almost a widow. And there is also a Margaret, a new acquaintance of the club lesbians. And Amelia, nan innocent village girl.

There is a conflict within the family that raised enough in this section. Donna who is a child of her father’s affair with a woman who died while giving birth. But God the Compassionate, the first wife of his father in a loving care for these innocent babies, Donna. Although he also must take care of two other children. Attack the ever-loving mama without distinction with other children, the mother was well aware that the baby was innocent, the guilty is her husband.

Donna’s family is not ordinary family with his father’s habit to cheat here and there. With military-style hard upbringing by his father. Mbak Nani, eldest brother approximately the same harsh with his father. And mama and Mas Herman, who has always been a mediator with extraordinary patience.

Others also with the Bolu. Bella Widjaja or often called Bee is the main point of storytelling in this section. A lesbian trapped in a love triangle. He loves her, a lesbian too. And he was comfortable with Rico, a man of genuine results comblangan aunt. Bee was not bisexsual because he did not have a sexual attraction with Rico. He just wants Eve.

At the end Bolu pretty exciting. Bee finally decided to build a relationship with Mr. Tio, his superiors in the office that turns out to be a gay. The relationship that lived only a camouflage. Because they both could still maintain their sexual orientation.

The last part of the Brownies. Brigitta Nies NS or often called, is an architect. he has a love that never runs out for Hannah. Lesbian couples who eventually forced to marry by his family when he was known to have a special relationship with Nies. There are also Ai, a karaoke singer who became leader of solace after losing Hannah Nies. Bolu section tells how a normal person can change a homosexual orientation. Unfortunately these changes are not as deep as the novel is told Andrei Aksana.

There is an interesting paragraph in the Brownies.

“I am woman, honey. Not one part of my body, my fingers are also not able to enjoy yours hymen. I do not need a rut, do not take virginity, I just need love to make love to you, darling. “

And there is also a sentence that in me:

“The heart always need to go back home”

Please find themselves in the novel ya .. Ahahahaa ..

What is certain is the third story characters continues. They and the environment that constantly push to become normal. Like the character that is pressed by Mbak Donna Nani to recover from homosexuality. Or Nies separated by Hanny by Hanny family because of their special relationship. but adapula form of acceptance from the environment as in the Doughnut. And an implicit advice on a difficult choice to be homosexual to be abandoned, it is in the Brownies.

All choices have consequences respectively. Including the choice to be lesbian. This novel has picked up several pieces homosexual story, like coffee bitter and sweet as a snack. Everything is combined with the relaxed and light. There are experiences and lessons that can be possessed of this novel. And I’m alone, like figures Brownies. There are many reasons I like it. Since independence, affection, loyalty, humanism, and the courage to open a new sheet.



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