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Defend Marriage With Style, Glamour a la the Heart Inside the Heart

“Will you take this as your husband / wife, to love, honor, Obey, and to Cherish, in sickness and health, for Richer and poorer, for better or worst, till death do us apart?”

The Heart Inside the Heart: The trouble Uniting Two Hearts is a book that is for any woman. Both are currently in a relationship, ready to get married, or who have been married. A personal guide book to become Alpha Juliet, the figure of woman in love and good leader, the Almost perfect wife. Books that give an idea will form the actual wedding. The real marriage, not the imaginary marriage. This clever book written by Alexandra Dewi.

The book begins with a question: Are you happily married? A question is often answered with bewildered by many people. Because after all marriages have ups and downs. There will always be happy, there will also always be sad. But after reading this book at least we can say: Yes, We Are Working on it Everyday!

Persistent effort is required to maintain the marriage. At least this book has provided a general overview on how to maintain household harmony. Of course, this effort started from us, as a woman. Because we are in control will be harmony. So it is important to be a happy woman and can be happy husband. Maybe we pat on the head directly rolling Skeptic question, why should we have changed, why do not the husband? I can not help the effort should start from ourselves, and certainly it will affect business for a husband and the marriage itself.

Then the discussion on marriage preparation was appointed as the cause of many failures wedding plans. Many couples who ultimately decide their engagement because of incompatibilities will plan their resepsipernikahan, either because the man handed over all the plans to the woman, or because the man was too excited about the idea for the reception. So as Alpha Juliet, we must be patient. Patience is a gift from the commitment he gave to us. Commitment is extremely difficult to be given by the men.

Various frenzy surrounding the wedding planning, discussed in this section. The term Bridezilla also participate in as a picture bride panic.

After the wedding canopy over the discussion of the Welcome to Real World Marriage. There will be many habbit that will we know after marriage. And over time will become a problem. It needs a lot of tolerance, because the more comfortable husband with the wife, then he will be himself. Who also want to be someone else in your own home? Yeah right ..

Also discussed about how to defend themselves despite the uniqueness of marriage. In marriage there must be a balance of togetherness with the self-reliance. Togetherness It covers communications between husband and wife. Togetherness means of cooperation as a team with one tujan the same household in a single river craft.

The book also raised about money and sex are sometimes difficult to talk about and often a major problem in a family. Concerning prenuptial agreement (prenup) or separate accounts (accounts differ). This financial Problem is the embodiment of the husband and wife own feelings. Whether to get married because of money or for love. Of course this does not apply in some cases. While the matter of sex is about a husband’s role as holder of control. However, sex can be a gift for a husband who has tired of working for the family. Would not it be nice if our husband would rather sleep with us than he was sleeping with another woman?

Then the secret is a discussion topic is raised as well. Sometimes secrets can lead to quarrels. So good no secret fishing in the past, because after all everyone has secrets, including ourselves.

In addition, this book emphasizes the importance of an issue to talk to the person households has also been married. Because after people who are still single, definitely would not understand about marriage and breast bengeknya. With people who have been married, at least we can still share, because less is more, each other and can already feel them exchanging ideas.

The Heart Inside the Heart: The trouble Uniting Two Hearts incomplete if it did not discuss the divorce. But for this section, Alexandra Goddard clearly describing divorce as a last resort in solving the problem of wedding. Prevention against the use of the word “divorce” is the beginning of the prevention of divorce.

Dissatisfaction with the conditions of household or other things can trigger infidelity. And the affair was the subject of an important discussion. This book provides numerous examples of cases. And back again to the divorce, there are some consequences described sebelun word “divorce” was pronounced.

Very important to communicate well. By way of a good, good words, with empathy, and wisely. Surely this is to prevent a fight. Instead of saying: “How long was the last time you took me to the restaurant A?”, Will be better berkta: “Honey, where if we eat in the restaurant A tonight? we do not have long to get there .. “And this form of communication is also related to our support for the advancement of their husbands.

There are still a lot of discussion around marriage are discussed in this book include the question of pregnancy, expectations of husbands, difficult to be a good wife, and other things. Although this book is quite thin, but it is quite complex.

And I understand now, Being married is simple, Being happily married is the challenge. So, enjoy it!



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