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Friendship: A Concept That Like What?

Friendship, relationship concepts like what is it? Because I do not quite understand when the “friendship” is itself defined in such a subjective by masing2 individual.

Some spoke loudly that friendship is a relationship where when I needed you, you’ll always be there, as well as vice versa. A psychological relationship. It’s that simple huh? Did your friend just be a “garbage can” only?

Then there who feel that friendship is a relationship that endured for so long, created from the results of the selection process time. “Selection of time”? What sounded barbaric when talking about the selection of time, as if natural law is very influential. The powerful, is that to survive and be a winner.

I increasingly do not understand when people share a secret with which they call “friend”. Is it shallow, this friendship can be measured by how open heart to talk about the secret to others?

Because I finally found an offer of friendship is not such a concept, not as usual, is too biased to be perceived as “friendship”. Maybe because there are many outside interests that affect us. I thought I’d be best to let go of all the interest it when talking to you, put on my heart to respect your privacy. I think we can be as neutral as possible to integrate it so as not to be dragged anak2 wave of interest.

In fact we never open our heart, we never really took off and despite the importance attached in the pores of our skin. There is always of interest that prevents us to talk more openly. There is always a real pro.

And you have made the decision to break the string we are trying to knit though wrinkled. You do not give a chance to speak our hearts, let it all unclear, allowing a variety of questions floating. But if it’s true that you want, then i gave willingly.

I hope that someday when interest it has been devastating because of the time, there will be an opportunity for us to speak from the heart. And I would say, “I miss you.”.



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