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The Wonder of the Dead Sea Salt

Salt in the Dead Sea, which lies on the border of Jordan and Israel have known a lot of efficacy. Dead Sea mud is believed to contain many substances that can be used for beauty and treatment of some skin diseases.

The Dead Sea has a high salt content so that it can make people do not drown and remain afloat. Some mineral content in sea mud dead as reported by the healthy-skin-guide, on Wednesday (07/22/2009) are:

1. Sodium that can increase the permeability of which is suitable for dry skin.
2. Magnesium is found in the sea off concentration 15 times higher compared to other marine, magnesium also helps the healing of skin and tissue provides skin surface with anti-allergy and it is important for cell metabolism.
3. Potassium can increase the oxidation and regulates the process of electrical muscle and nerve system and helps regulate moisture in the skin.
4. Bromide – the concentration of bromide is 50 times higher than ordinary salt. This causes the effect is very relaxing, and help naturally repair skin cells.
5. Bitumen is found in small amounts and can act as an anti-inflammatory substances.
6. Iodine is an important role in the formation of the hormone thyroxine, and also important for energy and cell metabolism.
7. Calcium is important as a defense of cell membranes and cleansing the pores, which are required also to repair tissue under the skin.
8. Zink who played a role in the regulation of the enzyme.

Numerous studies have proved that the mud and salt contained in the dead sea has benefits for treating some diseases such as psoriasis because it can improve conditions and reduce kekambuhannya.

Helps dry skin by replacing lost electrolytes, can treat many dermatological problems such as eczema, acne, arthritis, joint pain, and circulation and nerve problems. In addition, Dead Sea salt can also act as a disinfectant that can remove harmful substances from the skin.

The content of Dead Sea salt is the best way to keep moisture and mineral skin and this is a natural defense against skin aging, and wrinkles on the skin.

There is no harm to try the wonders of Dead Sea salt and mud of this. No need to bother to go to Israel or Jordan for mendapatkanya because now there are some beauty products that sell salt and Dead Sea mud.

But remember do not carelessly buy, make sure you are buying is the Dead Sea salt and mud of the original.

source: (http://www.detikhealth.com/read/2009/07/22/160819/1169585/766/garam-laut-mati-yang-ajaib)



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