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10 Ways to Healthy Body and Mind

There are many ways to achieve happiness, including the physically and mentally healthy. But psychologists said there are some healthy ways to achieve inner and outer happiness. Anything?

Everyone will want to be healthy physically and spiritually so that they can be free from stress and pain. These emotional feelings are not only influenced by genes alone, but many other things that can make happy.

Happiness is one thing to be achieved by everyone, but without realizing many things you can do to improve the mood.

American Psychologist published a report in the journal Psychological Science, which reveals the secret of happiness and breaks it in the ten factors.

In addition, the journal also shows that there are little things that turned out to be a major key to feel happiness.

Only with a little happiness turns out to cope with various diseases more quickly and can prolong life even up to 7 years.

Reporting from GeniusBeauty, Saturday (18/09/2010), the following 10 factors to achieve happiness:

1. Share your happiness with others
2. Analyzing pleasant memories
3. Praise yourself
4. Focus on the pleasant sensation
5. Always think positive and think that you can do things better
6. Do activities that you like
7. Pretend to be happy even though you’re not in a happy mood
8. Celebrate great moments in your life
9. Keep the gloomy thoughts, fears and doubts
10. Say ‘thank you’ as often as possible

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