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9 Preparation Prior to Operation Room

Waiting time for surgery need physical and mental preparation so as not anxious. Good preparation can prevent the complications that arise as a risk in any surgical procedure.

The existence of injury in every surgically opening an opportunity for bacteria or other microbes to enter and cause infection. Likewise after sutured, the patient still must deal with many factors that influence the wound healing process.

Here are some tips to prevent infection and accelerate wound healing process, as quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday (24/08/2010).

1. If possible, perform moderate exercise a few days before undergoing surgery.
In a fit condition, the heart and lungs will be easier to deliver oxygen to the tissues so that the wound healing process can be faster.

2. Stop using drugs such as warfarin blood antipenggumpalan, consult with your doctor if you are being treated.

3. Drink plenty of water, approximately 2 liters per day for several weeks before surgery.
Do not let your body become dehydrated, because the distribution of oxygen to the tissues is inhibited so that wound healing becomes longer.

4. When will undergo major surgery, make sure the doctor or nurse measures the level of body fluids because dehydration can occur without first certain signs.

5. Adhere to any suggestion to fast a few hours before surgery.

6. Before surgery, use an antiseptic soap for bathing.
The goal is to reduce the risk of infection by bacteria attached to the body.

7. If you feel uneasy, ask your doctor to explain the procedures that will
run and how long it takes.

8. Ask also the possible effects that would occur during recovery, so I can go watch yourself when things are not normal after surgery.

9. Do not receive a bouquet of flowers in the treatment room, because it will attract dust that are difficult to clean.



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