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Brush your teeth When Wake Up Better than After Breakfast

Tooth brushing habits more accurately than done when you wake up after breakfast. The goal is not to clean the rest of the food but prevent the formation of plaque or tartar.

Meanwhile, after breakfast it’s not advisable to brush your teeth immediately because of the mouth in acidic conditions so that email easily eroded.

Brushing your teeth after breakfast should wait until 25 minutes after a meal, which at that time the mouth pH is not too acidic. But if you hurry simply by rinsing or cleaning with dental floss.

How to improper brushing is one of the main causes of sensitive teeth in indonesia. In addition to rubbing way too strong and the election of the brush too hard, when brushing your teeth too often inaccurate.

In a media briefing ‘Sensodyne Expert Sharing’ in the Hall of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia, on Monday (9/20/2010), drg Robert Lessang, Sp.Perio exemplifies one of tooth brushing habits are not appropriate.

According to him, the habit of brushing your teeth more appropriate thing to do when you wake up than after breakfast. The goal is not to clean the rest of the food but prevent the formation of plaque or tartar.

“After breakfast, the pH in the mouth down so that the risk of abrasion or erosion in a higher gear. We recommend that you do not immediately brush your teeth after eating, give at least 25 minutes,” said Robert drg.

Abrasion or erosion of the teeth causes the outer layer of tooth enamel that is thinner, so that the layer underneath the dentine into the open. Dentine layer is directly connected with the nerves that are very sensitive if not protected.

Even if in a hurry, the remaining food in your teeth cleaned enough with dental floss or rinse after breakfast. Provided that when I wake up already brushed my teeth, then the new plaque begins to form again 4-8 hours later.

However, brush your teeth regularly remains to be done regularly to maintain oral hygiene and dental. Drg Robert recommends to brush your teeth at least 3 times a day.

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