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Burn Calories by Cooking

Burn calories, not only with exercise, because a lot of ways you can do to reduce calories in the body. One of them with the cooking.

Cooking is an activity that could be unpleasant for some women, but this should be rethought. Because in addition to pleasing people with food produced at home, cooking can also help burn calories in the body.

Activities to prepare meals can provide more benefit for someone. There are two key findings from a study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Quoted from News.MSN, Sunday (09/19/2010) This cooking activity can burn an average of approximately 139 calories per hour, the more food that is cooked so the calories will be burned too will be even greater.

When someone cook, so he gets two benefits at once that he can prepare his own food to be eaten so that the hygiene factors and health is guaranteed at the same time he can also do physical activity to burn calories.

Calories burned already started to happen since the person preparing the ingredients to be cooked, for example when he washed the material, cutting and smoothing ingredients to be used until he was cooking the ingredients into a food. More and more activities are carried out while cooking, it will be the more calories are burned by the body.

Besides cooking position also affects the muscles what will be trained by the body, for example if someone is cooking while standing so he could train the muscles in your arms and legs as well. Whereas if she cook, sitting down, so he only wrist muscles just like when frying or sauteing.

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