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Condoms Can Be Eaten

Jakarta, Though made with a variety of flavors, it’s hard to imagine people will be chewing a condom like bubble gum. But if you are interested, do not worry because there are types of condoms are safe to chew and can even be eaten if it is not used.

Condoms are known as edible condom, which means it does to eat. How to eat a variety depending on creativity, can be eaten just like that, slowly bitten during oral sex or be swallowed with liquid ejakulat after use.

The materials used to make condoms are generally the same as in chewing gum that is also called candy condom. As well as latex condoms, condoms are also made in different flavors like banana flavor, strawberry flavor and the most famous is the Pina Colada flavor.

Quoted from Thebody, Sunday (24/10/2010), condoms as well as snacks include novelty condom or condom category modification. This category also includes many variations such as condoms vibrating condoms bizarre, musical condoms and condoms glow in the dark which can glow.

As the name implies, the main advantages highlighted by the condoms in this category is a novelty or a fun new experience. For those who like to experiment when making love, every new thing is fun and can bring its own sensation.

Because just for fun, edible condom indeed override function or prevention of pregnancy and contraceptive protective or protection against infectious disease transmission. In packaging, usually contained a warning that reads “For Novelty Use Only”.

Meanwhile, to obtain the maximum protective effect, the recommended type of condom is a latex condom made of special rubber material. This material is the most powerful that can prevent unwanted pregnancy (KTD) and the transmission of the virus, although not edible and in some people can trigger allergic reactions.

Types of condoms still effective enough to protect its user from unwanted pregnancy and disease transmission is a polyurethane condom. But because it is made from a type of plastic, condoms are relatively less powerful than latex so famous loose or damaged easily.

Condoms made from animal intestines or skin is not recommended if you want to protect themselves from disease transmission. But although it can be penetrated by several types of viruses and bacteria, the oldest type of condom is still quite effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy.

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