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Dangerous Goods in the Bathroom

Without realizing some of the items in the bathroom can be dangerous for users. Because of not getting proper supervision, there are often things that make a bathroom into an unsafe place.

Therefore, each family member should know how safe bathroom is in the house. It is important to prevent accidents or injury in the bathroom.

Quoted from Health24, Monday (23/08/2010) there are several items contained in the bathroom but it can be dangerous, namely:

Water that is too hot
Should the water used for bathing should not exceed 55-60 degrees celsius. Because the use of water is too hot can be easily heated bathroom floor that could endanger users.

In the bathroom medicine cabinet
Type any drug should not be stored in the bathroom. Because the bathroom is one room that is used by all family members, so that could have a child using one of the drugs stored in the closet. In addition there is the possibility of drugs that are stored contaminated with microorganisms that exist in the bathroom.

Floor slippery
A slippery bathroom floor can cause various problems such as making people fall, especially if mixed with soap. Therefore, we recommend using a floor made of wood, rubber mats or tiles that are not slippery. It is very important if a family member who is old.

There are no handrails in the bathroom
Into or out of the bathroom can be a dangerous time, especially for parents. Risks fall in the bathroom could happen to anyone, especially due to slipping. Because it is a handrail on the wall to help a person remain stable when entering or exiting the bathroom.

Putting a razor blade or razor in the bathroom
Some people are often put in the bathroom shaving equipment, this can be dangerous, especially if children are able to reach them. Better shaving equipment placed in special places or private places that can not be reached by small children.

Save the dirty towels in the bathroom
Towels are one item that is used to dry the body. If the remains are left damp towel or not washed regularly or dried, it will be a good place perkembanganbiakan bacteria. In addition, infection can be passed from one family member to another member if you use the same towel. Because it is always drying towel outside the bathroom so as not to damp and do not use a towel in turn.

There is no disinfectant in the bathroom
Disinfectants should always be available to clean all surfaces, especially the bathroom sink, shower and toilet place of microorganisms. This is because the bathroom was damp and warm, making it the ideal medium for bacteria to breed.

Electrical connections in the bathroom
It should not be there any electrical connection in the bathroom. Because the contact between the electrical connection can cause the flame to the water thus increasing the risk of electric shock. Usually the electrical connection is used to power the appliance, washing machine or hair dryer.

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