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Eat Cheese Before Sleep Could Make Strange Dream

Jakarta, Cheese contains a substance that can reduce stress and help you sleep. Because it is often eaten cheese before bed. But it was eating cheese before bed can make people dream of strange.

Studies conducted the British Cheese Board reported that people eating cheese before bed is more likely to remember dreams they experienced.

“This is because in the cheese there is one type of amino acid tryptophan which have been proven to reduce stress and sleep more soundly menbantu person,” says Dr Judith Bryans, a nutrition scientist from The Dairy Council, as quoted from Dailymail, Wednesday (27 / 10 / 2010).

Another surprising thing reported is the type of cheese consumed before bed will affect the natural mimmpi, namely:

1. Eating Stilton cheese will experience strange dreams, crazy or about life, this happens in 75 percent of men and 85 percent female.
2. Eating cheddar cheese will make a person dream about celebrities, this happens to two-thirds of the participants.
3. Eating red Leicester cheese will make a person dream about the past and nostalgia with old friends, this is the case in 6 of 10 people participating.
4. Eating the Cheshire cheese can make a person sleep soundly without dreams, this condition occurs in more than half of the participants.

“The study of dreams and the type of cheese consumed is the first time. This further indicates that the consumption of cheese before bed does not cause nightmares,” says Neil Stanley, PhD, director of the sleep research from the University of Surrey.

Therefore, if someone wants to get to sleep soundly and peacefully at night, it could not hurt to eat a few pieces of cheese at least 30 minutes before bedtime.

The study involved 200 participants who performed during the week. Participants ate 20 grams of cheese for 30 minutes before bedtime.

As a result, 72 percent of participants can sleep well every night. Of that number more than two-thirds of the participants still remember about the dream that happened and did not report any bad dreams.

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