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Got a Fat Gene Can No Means Can’t Be Skinny

Genetic factors do make people more likely to become obese. But that does not mean that people with fat genes can not be thin all her life. With the sport, he still can lose weight by 40 percent despite having obesity-causing genes.

Some people do have a tendency to be overweight (being overweight) or even obese due to genetic factors. But a study at Cambridge proved, lifestyle changes can offset the influence of these factors.

This conclusion was drawn after the researchers conducted a genetic observation on 20,000 men and women aged 39-79 years. Some of them had 12 genetic markers associated with body mass index (BMI) and obesity risk.

However, when compared with daily activities, 12 genetic markers that did not much affect the level of obesity. Lack of exercise and other physical activity more precisely determine the risk of obesity.

“These findings shatter the myth that for some people, obesity can not be avoided,” said Dr Ruth Loos from the Medical Research Council, who led the course of a study, as quoted by the Telegraph, on Thursday (09/02/2010).

Dr Ruth added, one does not have to run a marathon to fight the risk of obesity. Take a walk or just gardening just to give a real difference compared to just stay quiet and blamed the genetic factors that can not be avoided.

This research has been published in the latest edition of the journal PLoS Medicine.

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