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Hottest and coldest part of Human Body

The human body is an amazing store various mysteries. All coordination of cells and organs to make the body perform functions that are perfect. But it was the body temperature is not spread evenly. Which body parts are the warmest and coldest?

Body temperature is affected by blood flow leading to a particular body part. The more blood that flows into the body, then that part will be getting warm. Conversely, if the bit will be getting cold.

Launched eHow, Friday (9/24/2010), with infrared shots of the human body is the warmest part of the body:

1. Genital area (genital)
2. Chest
3. Armpits and head

These sections are getting a lot of blood supply so that makes it always warm.

Meanwhile, the coldest part of the human body are:

1. Toe
2. Foot
3. Hand

Coldest parts of the body is a body part at least get the blood supply. The tip or toe is the most rapid part of the body feel cold, because it is the most distant from the heart, the blood supply.

In addition to blood flow, body temperature also depends on body position. Someone who is sitting or bending the legs, the toes will feel much cooler than people who were standing.

Certain body positions to make blood flow to parts of the body become blocked and make it cooler than the body part you can easily reach the blood vessels.

A good way to cope with temperature changes in the body is by doing some light stretching, walking quickly, touching the water is warm or alter the position of the body for blood flow to run smoothly.

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