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How to Make Yourself Sneeze

Jakarta, Sometimes a person feels itchy nose or feel will sneeze, and then suddenly not so or can not sneeze. This condition can make a person upset. Find out effective ways to be able to sneeze.

There is a danger that can be generated if someone suppress a sneeze, because sneezing is a natural reaction that can be triggered by providing an appropriate stimulus. This stimulation can be done by myself with how tickled ‘sneeze center “in several ways.

As quoted from eHow, Tuesday (28/09/2010) there are several steps that can be done in order to sneeze, namely:

1. Irritate the nose itself.
The purpose of the sneeze is to cleanse the body from foreign substances in the nose, because it could not hurt to tickle yourself by using a tissue, cotton or a hair.

Roll paper towels to have a little corner, and enter into the hole and wiggle your nose up to a little tingle, this condition can lead someone to sneeze. Hum while simultaneously tickling your nose can create additional vibration.

2. Using the help of spices that smelled strong and sharp like pepper, coriander or other spices. Take some of these spices and put it in the paper, place several layers of paper towels or other fine filter so that the flavor does not go into the nose. Inhale for 10-15 seconds with herbs such, this will trigger a sneeze.

3. Suddenly see a very bright light or sunlight. The way to limit exposure to the light and closed his eyes, after the eye can adjust to the darkness, open your eyes and see a bright light or look to the sun (but not directly because it can damage the eye). This condition can trigger the nerves in the brain that respond to the way a sneeze.

4. Inhaling the smell of peppermint chewing gum or mint is strong. Entering sudden strong smell or taste can make a person sneeze because your nose feel strange sensation suddenly.

5. Hair pulling eyebrows. The muscles in the eyelid that serves to close the eyes are part of the neural network activated during sneezing. By pulling eyebrow hair will provide the stimulus that makes the trigeminal nerve becomes more sensitive, so that it can trigger a sneeze.

6. Holding a massage in the bridge of his nose. This can create an intense tingling sensation that makes some people sneeze. Then see the bright light when the nose started to tingle.

Another important thing is do not forget to cover nose and mouth with a tissue, cloth or arm when sneezing. This condition is to prevent the spread of bacteria or other microorganisms into the air and do not forget to always wash hands with soap or liquid hand sanitizer after every sneeze.

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