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Living in High House Make People Being Older

Colorado, With the rapid advancement of technology and science, more and more buildings are built skyscraper. Whereas in accordance with Einstein’s theory, people who live in high places will be faster older.

Researchers have shown that one of Einstein’s theory of relativity also works on the human body, which is increasingly distant from the earth, then the time goes faster and faster.

In humans, this means that the higher one’s residence (eg living on the top floor of the building percakar sky), then that person will be faster than older people who lived in the basement.

The findings made by scientists in the United States confirms the theory that Einstein first proposed, that time goes more quickly when getting away from the center of the earth, because the force of gravity is smaller.

Although the concept has been accepted for years, but now that difference can be measured for the first time with remarkable accuracy.

By using a pair of the most accurate clock in the world, a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Colorado found that being in a higher place (away from the center of the earth) will make the age a person run faster.

“By taking one floor higher up, people will be aged 90 billion per second faster in his life,” said James Chin-Wen Chou, a researcher from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Colorado, as reported by the Telegraph, Friday (24 / 9 / 2010).

Chou experiments conducted using atomic clocks ‘quantum logic’ that can keep time to within one second of more than 3.7 billion years old.

In addition to seeing the impact on humans, the findings have been published in the journal Science will also be used to improve the technology that measures the earth and the gravitational field.

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