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Many Dances Which Burn Calories

If you do not like going to the gym to do aerobics, cardio exercises or other exercises, try to dance. With dancing, people can burn 500 calories.

Besides moving, dancing can also be pumped endorphins to the brain, the hormone that makes people feel happy.
Dancing is fun and enjoyable way to make the body healthy.

Reporting from GeniusBeuty, Thursday (09/02/2010), following some kind of dance that can make the body stay fit and healthy:

1. Hip hop
Hip hop is a fun and free dance, enabling people to do improvisation and chance to become anything. Hip hop makes people dance while exercising in the same wakti. Hip hop including aerobic exercise and cardio to burn more calories, improve the system and also develop muscle.

2. Ballet
With a beautiful and elegant movements, ballet dancers can lose weight and strengthen muscles during exercise. Ballet demands precise control and fast in almost every muscle in the body, making the back straight, and makes the stomach, buttocks and legs tight.

3. Belly dance or belly dance
Belly dance is an effective fitness activities. Belly dancing can help reduce the size of the hips and buttocks, a flat stomach and strengthen the arm and back muscles effectively. Belly dancing can also eliminate cellulite, prevent excess water in the body and useful for women’s health, such as developing core muscles with the right flank.

4. Latin Dance
Latin American dances such as Salsa, Rumba, Cha cha cha has formed the basis for one of the club’s most popular dance trends. Latin dance can make the body fit with developing muscles, the hips, waist and arms.

5. Aerobic Dance
In a dance aerobics, exercise intensity was designed to more deeply into the dance movement and rhythm, so you can dance and exercise at the same time. This dance can improve posture, burn fat, flexibility and agility in movement.

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