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Overcoming Pain Homesick

For most people who live away from home must have felt homesick. Not homesick and missed only a sense of longing towards the house, because it knew how to handle it.

Most people are forced to live away from home to work, school, or follow a specific training. At first it might seem fun, but after entering the third week began to feel missed and missed the atmosphere and the people at home. Especially for people who previously had never been away from home.

A paper written by Chris Thurber and Edward Walton in the journal American Academy of Pediatrics said that homesickness (homesickness) is defined as suffering or misery and functional impairment caused by the separation of herself with a house or specific objects.

“Those who suffer from this condition generally feel some form of anxiety, sadness and anxiety. And the most obvious is the obsessive thoughts of the fun at home,” said Thurber, as quoted by CNN on Wednesday (09/15/2010).

The experts said that the longing that is created is not necessarily always about the house, because he could have missed something about the environment, his friends such as not being able to attend when his friend got married or had children. And homesick is not exactly the same as a disease.

“On the contrary feeling comes from one’s instinctive need of love, protection, security, feelings and qualities that are usually associated with the house. When the quality is missing in the new environment, then someone will start to feel there is something missing,” said Josh Klapow, a clinical psychologist and professor at the University of Alabama’s School of Public Health.

Klapow said that someone does not just miss home, but feel lost something normal, routine and greater social space that can help him survive.

“Homesick is a spontaneous emotional impact can be felt by adults and children, so it takes a certain time period in order to adapt to new environments,” said Thurber.

Many factors can affect the condition of this homesick, one of which is the parent factor. Therefore, there are some things parents can do for homesick child did not get worse, namely:

1. Try to avoid the expression of anxiety in front of the child, but try to show a sense of optimism about the experiences of successful passes.
2. Do not be too often called. Telephone calls could be a boomerang, to hear a parent or a child crying could aggravate the sense of kerinduang that appears.
3. Encourage children to make friends and support from people who believed in the new environment. This could help ease the transition process.
4. Try not to make an appointment to pick him up may develop a sense of longing, as this will reduce the likelihood of success of the child in the new environment.

But if a sense of longing arises, a person can perform the following tips to deal with, namely:

1. Perform a variety of activities, such as follow-campus activities or activities outside the office, this can help forget the feeling of longing and add new friends.
2. Establish a routine of his own, for example with sleep faster or perform other new routines.
3. Talking with someone who can understand and have the same feelings.
4. Doing something in order to feel closer to home, such as putting photos of family members or bring a few items from home.

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