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Select Tissue Or Electric Dryer?

Washing hands with soap and running water are highly recommended to eradicate the germs that cause disease. But after washing hands, drying which must be selected using a tissue or an electric dryer?

Excerpted from the NYTimes, on Tuesday (14/09/2010) the fact that bacteria and germs will breed well in conditions of wet hands, so that the method used for drying hands is one thing that is important. This is to prevent your hands are clean of bacteria and germs no longer contaminated.

In some public places such as bathrooms or hand washing in restaurants usually provide electric dryers that can be used by anyone. Yet there are also some people who prefer to use paper towels to dry hands.

A study conducted in 2008 by the University of Westminster in England doing research that compares the use of a tissue, a traditional dry air dryers and air dryers newest jet. To analyze the participants’ hand checked before and after using some of these dryers.

The results showed that more effective use of tissue paper to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria after washing hands, compared with the use of conventional electric dryers or the jet.

The condition was probably caused by the electric dryer, when someone reached out then the air will come out quickly and bacteria can spread easily. Especially if the tool does not consider his condition or not cleaned, because the warm air will make the bacteria or germs can breed.

This is why the idea if using an electric dryer can make the germs and bacteria more easily spread. In addition, electric dryer generally can only be used within a period of 7 years.

Meanwhile, if using a liquid hand sanitizer, generally can eliminate the bacteria but not all viruses can be eradicated, including norovirus. And for effective use must contain at least 60 percent alcohol.

Hand hygiene plays an important role in preventing disease or infection caused by microorganisms, so wash your hands and dry them properly helped a person avoid the disease.

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