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Signs of excess Sports

Jakarta, Many people who had had undergone exercise properly, but that did not even get your body fit. Instead check the levels of your sport, do-not too excessive. What are the signs of the advantages that sport?

Exercise is good for the body because it can improve your fitness. But sometimes people expect too much exercise because of rapid want or wish to have a thin body ideal.

If someone is doing it too much or too strong can cause overtrainning is a condition that can negatively affect the body and mind.

Quoted from Sheknows, Saturday (09/10/2010) overtraining or excessive fatigue occurs when a person is doing sports or exercise with intensity, frequency or duration is excessive. As a result people are not likely to recover enough after that.

If this has reached the chronic stage can harm the body and can be deviated from the purpose of sport itself.

People who are too much exercise will experience the signs:

1. Chronic Fatigue
2. Increased injury
3. Easily depressed and offended
4. Headache
5. Disruption in terms of taste
6. Insomnia
7. Flu that never healed
8. Pain in muscles and joints
9. Anemia
10. Depression
11. Decrease in performance.

If there are at least two symptoms above, then these conditions should be wary of.

To overcome these conditions, there are some things that can be done by someone to restore the condition is:

1. The first step is prevention
If one of the symptoms have appeared, then immediately change the exercise program or exercise so do not make conditions worse.

2. Time to rest
The best treatment for overtraining is rest and recovery, for example by obtaining an adequate amount of sleep time, reduce the frequency and intensity of sport for example to twice a week.

3. Providing high quality fuel for your body
Food composition and consumption time becomes very important for preventing and recovering from overtraining. Try to eat protein and carbs, and eat two hours before exercise and immediately after exercise. Because research has shown that the body would be most responsive to energy storage in the first 30 minutes after exercise and the lowest response was 10 hours afterward.

4. Keep your body to stay hydrated
The body will function optimally when in a state of well hydrated, so try to stick to consume water before, during and after exercise. If the weather is hot, then the required amount of liquid more.

5. Have a life other than to the fitness center
Although a person practicing hard in the gym, but when the exercise is completed can re-focus on other things like doing a hobby that could please himself or resting.

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