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Special Milk to Sleep Tonight

Munich, Drinking milk before bed a lot of people do. Now there has been a special milk drink before bed the night that can improve sleep quality. Milk is that?

Milchkristalle, a company ‘based in Munich, Germany have patented the evening milk taken from a cow at night.

This milk has been launched in Europe and claimed could help improve the quality of sleep because it contains the hormone melatonin is higher.

The hormone melatonin is known as the hormone that helps regulate sleep wake cycles and sleep a person by way of causing drowsiness and also lower body temperature.

Dairy products night (night milk) can only be obtained through a doctor’s prescription only, so included in the classification as a drug.

Milk company itself has done testing of the milk in 40 people who have sleep disorders. The results obtained, participants can improve sleep patterns.

Quoted from The Sun, Monday (10/18/2010) dairy products come from cows milked at dawn 2-4. The company explained during the hours the hormone melatonin is produced by cows 25 times higher than normal amount produced.

But in fact this product is not free from criticism. Scientists from the magazine-Gute Pillen Schlechte Pillen said that milk is really nothing more than a placebo (artificial effects) are expensive.

Scientists said that melatonin pills contain milk-based non-two milligrams of the hormone melatonin more than the evening milk.

Milk is known to have many benefits as can neutralize toxins that enter or absorbed by the body. And contains various minerals and vitamins needed by the body (eg iodine, iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin B12).

source: (http://www.detikhealth.com/read/2010/10/18/183048/1468186/766/susu-khusus-untuk-tidur-malam)



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