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Starting the Day with Simple Things

Jakarta, always identical with the morning rush. With a narrow time since getting out of bed and had to start the routine all day long. Children must go to school or parental leave for work.

Many people who complain can not enjoy the morning because it seemed to always being chased by time, except during holidays. Really like that?

dr Phaidon L Toruan MM, corporate health that many trainers working on a healthy lifestyle gives simple tips on how to start the day well.

“If we start the day with good things, then the day next day we had a better chance,” said Dr. Phaidon in a release Friday (15/10/2010).

Here are simple tips to start the day:

1. Start with a thankful and grateful.
Give thanks to the creator of the people around and the opportunity today. Thanksgiving will make the brain to be positive, positive body energy. The effect is a heart full of thanksgiving will prevent the production of the hormone cortisol stress hormones that interfere with health, if excessive.

2. Breathe deeply.
Aka medical term respiratory diaphragm or abdominal breathing babies breath. Breath stomach will cause a deep breath, which will cause the lungs more expanded.

A sum of 2 / 3 the bottom of the lung is the most rich in oxygen which is perfect when expanding the intake of oxygen will be perfect. With so oxygen can be inhaled more, brain clearer thinking, better metabolism, and more confident.

3. Road bare feet touch the ground.
Walking barefoot will help absorb the earth’s magnetic energy. It also can burn excess fat in the body and improve brain blood circulation, which means increased creativity to work.

Well if you’ve done it a time to put the fruit in the food consumed in the morning. Why are fruits important?

Because each muscle contraction, metaboisme, human blood circulation caused by electrical energy in biochemistry. Fruits are food ‘life’ rich electric energy to help all these functions work well. Without a fresh supply of electricity, meaning that electricity can only use the former.

source: (http://www.detikhealth.com/read/2010/10/15/090550/1465658/766/memulai-hari-dengan-hal-sederhana)



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