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Therapy Can Heal Gay?

London, Gay or men who love the same sex is one of the disorders of sexual orientation. What if a gay man trying to be cured with therapy hatred?

Michael Knight, a consultant psychiatrist published a paper on this topic that said that the biological treatment for homosexuals began to dominate around the early 20th century.

As quoted by BBC News, Thursday (08/12/2010) in the 1950s and the 1960s, behavioral therapy used to try to cure gay men.

Men who perform homosexual acts would be given treatment such as electric shock, hallucinogenic drugs and brainwashing techniques (brainwash). The most common form of treatment is therapy hatred (aversion Therapy).

People who do this treatment will be shown pictures of men naked, then given a series of electric shocks or drugs that could make him vomit. When that person can not stand it anymore, it will be shown pictures of women naked as a relief from the pain or in some cases invited to go out with a young female nurse.

This technique was made voluntarily by a DJ named Peter Price who do hate therapy at the age of 18 years after her mother found out that he is gay.

Price said he then put into a windowless room, such as mental hospitals, in the room he had to listen to audio recordings which contain disparaging homosexuality. After that he was given a stack of books that contain pictures of men naked and drink beer.

“Then I injected something that makes me very ill for about 1 hour and I leave the room. Inside the room as well, I throw up and they do not give me container to it,” he said.

Price said he went home with a feeling dirty, cruel and immoral. About two months later he was increasingly aware of and accept that he was gay but still not able to become heterosexual.

However, this therapy is stopped around the 1970’s, after much pressure from people who ask for gay rights and the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1967. Although proponents of this therapy claim that the success rate reached 70 percent, but found that there was no clear effect of this therapy.

Dr Glenn Smith of the Royal Free and Universal College Hospital revealed that of the dozens of gay men who do this therapy, none of which turned into heterosexuals. Until now still a debate whether homosexuals can be treated or cured or not.



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