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Trends Which Give Health Risk

Everyone will want to follow fashion trends emerging. But without realizing some of this trend can actually be harmful to health.

Different ways people do to make it look interesting, pretty and follow trends. Unfortunately, the way a person does not just make it interesting but also damage his health.

Quoted from Health24, Sunday (15/08/2010) there are some fashion trends that are harmful to health, namely:

High heels
Who have high-heeled shoes can make a person’s weight shifts from the heel to the metatarsal the front foot. In addition, the use of high heels in a long time will make the leg muscles to be stressed is characterized by pain. But this condition is often ignored by the user.

Hipster pants (dipinggul)
Most people prefer to use the tights are worn on the hip (hipster), but these pants will make a person feel uncomfortable when sitting for long periods. One of the main reasons is these pants are not located in the hollow body of the fitting. This is, of course, will hinder circulation to and from the body, so that one sometimes feel tired and lethargic.

Tanning for the browning of the skin.
Tanning lamps that are used to emit UV rays are not safe for the body. Even the UV light is thought to have the same dangers of UV rays emitted by the sun at midday. And note that UV rays from the sun can cause skin cancer.

Fake nails to look beautiful
Some people sometimes use fake nails for fingers look more manicured and beautiful. But this can create original nail stuck and block the air intake into the natural nail. In addition, the space underneath the fake nail will cause moist atmosphere which can trigger yeast infections.

Body lean
Currently most people look at that beautiful women are women skinny, so many people vying for thin even in a way that is not healthy. Though important malnutrition can cause long-term complications.

Hair Dyes
Hair is the crown for women, so often many women who often menggonta change her hair color in accordance with the trends. But some studies have shown that continuous exposure to certain hair dyes may cause bladder cancer.

Tight leather pants
Synthetic leather pants may look fashionable, but these pants can make the skin can not breathe. This condition will cause heat that makes the skin become stressful and trigger the onset of rash. In some cases it was found that these pants can cause or exacerbate vaginal infections.

But that does not mean fashion can not be used, experts recommend that if the body starts giving bad signals should not be used constantly. It is also important to give time for the body to relax by not using it to excess.

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