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Water Wash Dishes Can Be Source of Bacterial Contamination

No need to wonder if many who get diarrhea after snack food on the roadside. Although using water that has been cooked, the food can still be contaminated with pathogenic bacteria from water sink that has not dried completely.

Moreover, some mobile vendors only carry limited amounts of water and is taken from sources that are not clear. Where there are sources of water, that is where the traders to take water to wash the dishes although not necessarily free from contamination.

According to experts, environmental health, University of Indonesia, Dr. Budi Haryanto, MSM, MSc, use soap or detergent is not enough to sterilize utensils. When rinsed with the same water, dishes and so on can be re-contaminated by bacteria.

Moreover, so many customers, merchants often use more utensils that have not dried completely after washing. And if dried completely, the bacteria can die in about 25 minutes.

“Most important, of course, choose a source of clean water to wash dishes, do not carelessly use water from wells contaminated,” said Dr. Budi when speaking in the media discussion ‘Beware of Drinking Water Threats Behind You’ is held by PT Unilever Indonesia at the restaurant of The Apartment, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (09/02/2010).

On the same occasion, an expert in food microbiology from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture Dr. Ir Ruth Dewanti Hariyadi, MSc also expressed similar opinions. According to him, who has washed dishes to be dried before use if the water quality is not convincing.

If necessary, the plate was heated in an oven or rinsed with hot water to kill bacteria and then drained past until dry. Can also be dried in the sun, because sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that effectively kills bacteria.

“But it must be ensured, when dried cutlery are not compromised by chickens, cats and so on.’ll Even be adding a lot of bacteria,” said Dr. Ruth half-joking.

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