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Why does Cold Air Make Us Hungry Fasten?

The rain that fell throughout the day to make the air temperature cools, especially when coupled with the air conditioner (AC). Not a few people who often feel hungry when the cold air. Why is that?

The cool air that makes people hungry faster is the air with temperatures well below normal human body temperature.

Reporting from Paktribune, Wednesday (22/09/2010), hunger, cold air when triggered by changes in body temperature. At the time the air temperature in the environment is cooler than body temperature, the body will try to menormalkannya.

To normalize the changes in temperature, the required fuel or energy that big. Therefore, if located in an area more quickly cool the body will burn energy so fast makes people feel hungry.

The burning energy that will quickly make the body sends hunger signals. This would make a person eat with gusto, while in colder regions or during winter.

The same thing happens when someone is finished swimming. This is because the water used for swimming is usually cooler than the surrounding air.

Immersing the body in cold water will lower a person’s body temperature. So, when someone out of the swimming pool or hot air at a lower temperature, the body will try to menormalkannya.

A good way to cope with temperature changes in the body is by doing some light stretching, walking fast or hit the water warm.

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