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Why People Laugh Can peed?

Jakarta, currently being sneezed or laughed, a person can involuntarily urinated or pee in my pants. Probably not much, but it will be embarrassing and uncomfortable. It normal if it often happens?

Although fairly common, it does not mean peeing while laughing is a natural thing. This condition is called stress urinary incontinence, the inability to hold urine due to pressure around the bladder.

Quoted from MSN Health, on Monday (10/11/2010), this pressure can be triggered by a contraction during the move. Starting from such heavy exercise or lifting anything, until the lighter, such as sneezing and laughing.

Normally, the muscles around the pelvis will help control the bladder to discharge urine. Muscle will keep the bladder does not ‘leak’ although under pressure during the move.

However, in certain conditions, these muscles become weaker so it can not work properly. In women, pregnancy and postpartum conditions are some of them.

Operations in the abdomen and pelvis can also cause stress incontinence in women. Additionally, hormonal changes during menopause also can weaken the pelvic muscles around the bladder.

Men are relatively less frequently experience stress incontinence, but that does not mean it never happened. Generally it is only experienced by men who had just had surgery on the prostate gland.

Meanwhile, to handle it, some way could be done either by men or women. Among these Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles, exercises to hold urine and maintain weight to reduce pressure on the bladder.

How to Kegel

Kegel exercise techniques are easy to do way is to contract the muscles as to initially hold urine for 5 seconds, then relax. Continue to repeat the exercise at least five times in succession with increasing length of time to hold urine 15-20 seconds.

This exercise is relatively easy because it can be done anytime and only takes a few minutes. Exercises can be done in the office chair, sitting, walking, standing, or lying down.

When driving a car even when in a small room was carried out this important exercise of all these exercises performed in a state of calm.

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