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5 Things that No Right of Antioxidants

far, people know that antoksidan is a substance which is very useful to eliminate free radicals from the body. But there are 5 myths are wrong about this antioxidant.

“Antioxidants have good benefits for health and fights the bad things in the body. So many people are trying to consume in large portions,” says Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, a nutrition and public health experts from New York University, as quoted from Menshealth, Friday (8/6/2010).

This of course makes a person do not hesitate to eat them. But in order to obtain maximum results, the community must know that there are myths about these antioxidants, namely:

1. The myth of free radicals must be destroyed
Although free radicals are always attributed as the cause of several serious diseases, but not necessarily free radicals is as bad as people think. This molecule is a byproduct of the basic metabolic process known as oxidation.

Free radicals can be useful, for example, immune cells will shoot into free radicals to attack and kill bacteria that infect the body. But if the number of new lots can be dangerous free radicals, therefore one must know whether an antioxidant that has been sufficient or not.

The thing to do is try to keep smoking and make healthy lifestyle by eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

2. Myth all the antioxidants work in the same way
Not all antioxidants work in the same way, because some antioxidants can excel in certain combat free radicals while other effective antioxidants for different free radicals. Therefore we need antioxidants from various sources in order to provide an effective defense system and can protect the body.

The thing to do is perform the variety of food especially known for its antioxidant content and certain vitamins.

3. Myth all the antioxidants come from fruits and vegetables
Some nuts, seeds and other vegetables are known to have antioxidant that much, because the plants produce antioxidants to fight predators and UV rays. But the real meat, dairy products and eggs also contain some antioxidants, although not as many plants.

Things you can do is to eat whole grains, nuts and seeds on a regular basis and equipped with animal products. Because the animals that eat plants also proved to contain antioxidants.

4. Myth-fortified foods more healthful antioxidants
Foods that have been fortified does contain antioxidants, but the numbers are small and probably only one or two types of antioxidants alone. Therefore, foods that naturally contain antioxidants will definitely have more healthful, but it needs variety or diversity of food.

Things you can do is try to eat a vegetable that is known to be rich in antioxidants. Also watch carefully the substance contained in each food package.

5. Myth if exercising and taking supplements, it will be human superfit
Exercising indeed cause more oxidation process that can increase the amount of free radicals. But if someone is eating large amounts of antioxidant supplements after exercise, then it could menggangggu natural response that has been done by the body. In addition, supplements are consumed in excess can deplete the body’s energy and make seseoang loss of muscle strength.

This can be done is best to get antioxidants from food rather than supplements, as well as antioxidants from supplements sometimes are not always able to function better.

Actually how antioxidants work in the body?

1. When the molecule loses an electron, it will be a reactive free radical with one unpaired electron.
2. These free radicals will try to steal electrons from molecules closest to get back into balance.
3. This of course could be a chain reaction that can cause damage to cell components including DNA. It also can affect a person’s immune system becomes weaker.
4. But if someone gets antoksidan, the antioxidant molecule provides one electron to neutralize free radicals.
5. But this is different antioxidants with free radicals, because he was able to maintain its stability even after donating an electron.

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