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Autistic Child Alive After Swallowing Nail Scissors

Devon, Children with autism or children with special needs should always get the supervision so as not to do anything dangerous. The lack of supervision can be fatal, such as that experienced by Curtis Francis who swallowed the nail scissors.

Curtis Francis, 12 years old boy with special needs it might still be lucky to survive after swallowing nail clippers.

Curtis was rushed to Bristol Royal Infirmary and x-ray examination showed that the scissors ‘nest’ in his throat. Fortunately, nail clippers are not blocking her airway.

The doctor may take 90 minutes to remove the scissors from the throat Curtis. Miraculously, Curtis suffered only minor injuries and is currently doing a full recovery.

“Curtis suffered severe learning difficulties, although the age of 12 years but he is similar to a toddler. He had also had to swallow a pen cap to cough up blood,” recalled Karon Edwards (50 years), mother of Curtis, as reported by Thesun, Monday (8 / 11 / 2010).

According to Karon, Curtis is a child with special needs and has no fear and danger. “So I have to watch him all the time,” says Karon.

Karon explains, Curtis had suffered a brain hemorrhage at birth that makes her vision impaired and have severe communication problems.

Curtis could not speak and had to go to school in the West of England School for children with visual impairment in Exeter, Devon, for four days every week. While Karon must take care of Shane (15 years) brother Curtis who has Asperger syndrome.

“It was the worst day of my life. It was a nightmare. I should be more careful with him now, but it is very difficult because he is getting bigger,” said Karon.

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