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Feathers for Axilla Not Grow Again

Bushy underarm hair is often a problem particularly for women. There are many ways to remove underarm hair done, but mostly just to remove the hair temporarily. How do I get armpit hair does not grow anymore?

Waxing or shaving hair can only remove the hair in the armpits for a while. Even in some cases can cause hair to grow back in a state of irritation.

Reporting from eHow, Tuesday (11/02/2010), here are some ways that can be done so that underarm hair is not growing anymore:

1. Powdered alum
The use of alum powder containing aluminum sulfate in the armpit are not only reduce and eliminate underarm hair, but also can brighten a dark armpit skin irritation.

After the bath, rub lemon slices and use alum powder is felt equally on both armpits, if necessary, also use baking soda on the underarms. Wash armpits with coconut oil and rinse with water after 20 minutes.

2. Laser
Laser hair removal works by applying laser light spectrum to kill the root hairs in the armpit. But on this technique, underarm hair to be removed should be coarse hair is not just fluff.

Eliminate underarm hair with this technique may be a little to make you feel hot and uncomfortable. Some Sampung effects such as skin becomes dry and pimply armpit also occasionally occur. But the skin doctor will usually recommend several ways to reduce these side effects.

3. Electrolysis
Electrolysis is one of the most effective method to remove underarm hair, either in the form of coarse hair or thin hair only. In this technique, each strand of hair from the roots are targeted and destroyed using an electrical current.

The sensations may be uncomfortable, but usually only be described as a strange sensation while shaving.

Electrolysis can irritate the skin, so there are several stages of healing after treatment. Patients must be careful to avoid the occurrence of wrinkles and skin irritation in the armpit.

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