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Many Mingle Make Difficult Sleep

Maryland, Got lots of friends is fun, but do not forget to rest. A study showed that many people associate it more difficult problems sleeping less shy than the socializing.

This fact was revealed in an experiment that made the Center for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Maryland. Its publication has been published in the latest edition of the journal Sleep.

In these experiments, the researchers involved 48 volunteers who were divided into 2 groups. The first group was conditioned to always meet more people for 36 hours a day, while another group was isolated from the association.

Previously, the volunteers also undergo personality tests to distinguish introverted personality types (closed) and esktrovert (open). It turned out that two factors namely the type of personality and environmental conditions related to the ability to overcome the problem of insomnia, especially in the group that would meet many people.

When many interact with the environment, all the volunteers in this group are equally disturbed sleep. But compared with the introverts, extroverts tend to volunteer more difficult to cope with the disorder.

“Extrovert personality more prone to sleep disorders when in a busy environment socially,” said Dr. Tracy Rupp, one of the researchers involved as quoted by the Telegraph, on Monday (1/11/2010).

Researchers suspect that social interaction for an extrovert cause fatigue in the brain that regulates sleep cycles. Instead of an introvert this section is relatively less affected by environmental and social factors.

source: (http://www.detikhealth.com/read/2010/11/01/140140/1481492/766/banyak-bergaul-bikin-susah-tidur)



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