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Reduce Stress With Chewing Gum

Life can not get out of a sense of stress that can come at any time. But now there is an easy way to reduce stress, ie the chewing gum.

In International Congress on Behavioral Medicine 10th in 2008, Dr Andrew Scholey showed that chewing gum can help reduce stress, triggering relaxation and some other benefits.

“Chewing gum has reduced levels of cortisol in saliva, which is a marker of physiological stress,” says Dr Scholey, a professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia, as quoted from the LIVESTRONG, Tuesday (02/11/2010).

In his study, Dr Scholey involved 40 participants who were asked to chew gum. Got people who chew gum decreased cortisol levels in salivanya if he has a mild stress, and reduced 12 percent if he has stressed that being compared with those who did not chew gum.

In addition to reducing stress, Dr Scholey study also found chewing gum can improve alertness and performance in a multitasking activity.

People who chew gum would increase guard as much as 19 percent over the medium stress, and when running multiple tasks showed a good performance by 67 percent.

Meanwhile, another survey indicated that about 67 percent of athletes reduced sense of stress when she was chewing gum before sporting events, and 59 percent other athletes also said chewing gum can help him stay focused on the race she lived.

But society should not be too long to chew gum. Because for too long chewing gum can cause problems in the jaw, including muscle fatigue, muscle spasms and pain. In severe cases can cause TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint or pain around the jaw joint) which causes headaches and neck so hard to open and close the jaw.

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