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Swimming Make Children Smarter

Queensland, children can master the sport swimming is recommended because other than beneficial for health also is equipped to survive in the wild. Not only that, swimming was to make the brain children smarter.

Recent studies have shown that learning to swim can make children more intelligent. A study at Griffith University conducted by surveying more than 10,000 children aged five-year average at swim class.

A cooperation project between Griffith University, Kids Alive and Swim Australia Swim Program aims to determine whether routine swim contribute to their physical, social, cognitive and language in pre-school learners.

“Anecdotal evidence found that swimmers or children who can swim tends to be more confident with the physical development that is greater than his age peers who can not swim,” explained Professor Robyn Jorgensen, Griffith Institute for Educational Research, Queensland, as reported by . au, Thursday (11/04/2010).

According to Prof. Jorgensen, preliminary data from this study are quite positive. Children who learn or take a swim class seems superior in development, whether physical, social, cognitive and language.

“Drowning is the leading cause of death in the under 5 year age group, both in the pool, shower or other water sources. So we wanted to raise awareness about the importance of learning to swim from an early age,” said Prof. Jorgensen.

Professor Jorgensen said that the research is the first detailed study that determines how much profit from the developments that occur in children who learn to swim.

“Our study will monitor the 10,000 students across Australia every year for four years,” explained Prof. Jorgensen.

This study will identify key factors in swim programs that enhance development, such as the number of lessons per week, the child’s age when he began lessons and access to the pool house.

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