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Too Much SleepAlso Make Eye Sacks distention

Jakarta, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes often associated with overtime work habits or lack of sleep. Though not always so, because too much sleep was also able to trigger the formation of eye bags.

For those who are very concerned about the appearance, the bag is swollen and blackened eyes certainly very disturbing. Another case when someone takes the imagery, eye bag can actually give the impression as a hard worker who tirelessly.

The presumption is not entirely true, because actually the main trigger of the formation of eye bags are aging and water retention. Not always because of lack of sleep, because in fact too much sleep can also cause the eyes to swell.

The aging process causes the tissue around the eyes becomes thin and slack. Loose network that is easily filled with liquid so that it looks swollen, while also widening the blood vessels that make the colors in the surrounding tissue becomes darker.

Robert Shmerling, MD, an editor at Harvard Health Publications said the buildup of body fluids more easily occur in a lying position. Horizontal position allows fluid to move toward a network that loosens and then accumulate at the venue.

“The more sleep the eye bags more easily formed if the tissue around the eye has undergone aging,” Shmerling said as quoted from MSN Health, Sunday (06/11/2010).

In addition to sleep-related problems, Shmerling said eye bags are also triggered by several conditions such as allergies, premenstrual, excessive salt intake, heredity and drug side effects. It could also indicate a problem in the liver, especially if accompanied by sweating around the eyes.

Meanwhile, to relieve swelling in the eye bags, there are many ways even though no one has proven scientifically. Even to tighten the blood vessels relax, some people suggest to use haemorrhoid cream drug (hemorrhoids) around the eye.

Some ways are more secure and most often performed to relieve swelling in the eye bags are as follows:

1. Compress with a tea bag that has been soaked with cold water
2. Compress with slices of cucumber, lemon or tomato
3. Compress with cotton balls soaked in rose oil
4. Reduce salt intake to avoid fluid accumulation.

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