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Why Forgot Consumption Pill Can Make Pregnancy?

Jakarta One widely used method of contraception that women are taking birth control pills. But if someone forgot to eat, so he has a chance to get pregnant. Why is that?

“Most women never forget her taking birth control pills once a year, even some other women more often experience it,” said Dr. Kate O’Connell, obstetrician-gynecologist from New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center, as quoted from MSN Health , Monday (11/08/2010).

A study showed only about 28 percent of women are taking oral contraceptive pills correctly at the same time every day. This was disclosed Dr. Vanessa Cullins as vice president of medical affairs at Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Why not forget taking birth control pills can cause pregnant?

Birth control pills are one of hormonal contraception that works deceptive and makes the body think that she was pregnant, because these pills will increase the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. This condition will make someone releasing her eggs through the process of menstruation.

To reduce side effects, contraceptive pill contains only a limited amount of hormone that only lasted for about 24 hours. Hormone levels will drop back so that a person should consume daily pill to prevent pregnancy.

Contraceptive pill is effective only if consumption begins on the first day of menstruation and continued consumed every day as prescribed. If not consumed on the first day of menstruation or forget consume, required additional methods of contraception such as condoms.

Yet various studies have shown if the contraceptive pill is used correctly and regularly every day, it will have a failure rate of less than 1-3 percent.

It is therefore important to follow instructions on the use of contraceptive pills and find out how the proper way to handle it if you forget to eat. Use of this pill depends on the type of pills used.

To prevent someone forgot to take the contraceptive pill, you should create an alarm on mobile phones, watches, or via email. These technological advances could help someone taking pills on time.

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