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How to Prevent pee When Emergencies

Jakarta, aka Holding pee pee is not recommended because it is dangerous to the health of kidneys. But when emergency conditions such as in transit or loss, people sometimes are required to withhold urination for some time. How do I?
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EHow Launched on Thursday (11/11/2010), here are some ways you can do to hold pee during an emergency:

1. Relaxation of the pelvic floor or Kegel exercises
Focus and try to relax the pelvic and abdominal muscles at the same time, this method can make the muscles surrounding the urethra closed. This is very similar to Kegel exercises.

How to Kegel

Kegel exercise techniques are easy to do way is to contract the muscles as to initially hold urine for 5 seconds, then relax. Continue to repeat the exercise at least five times in succession with increasing length of time to hold urine 15-20 seconds.

This exercise is relatively easy because it can be done anytime and only takes a few minutes. Exercises can be done in the office chair, sitting, walking, standing, or lying down.

When driving a car even when in a small room was carried out this important exercise of all these exercises performed in a state of calm.

2. Cross the foot when standing
Crossed his legs to help you resist urinating while standing. Do not cross your legs if you’re in a state of sitting, but try crossed with a slightly raised (male sitting style.) This can suppress bladder.

3. Sit up
If you are in a state of sitting, try to sit in an upright position with back straight in order to provide maximum space of the bladder. Press your thighs together and do not lean.

4. Not change position
Try not to change your position before you can go to the bathroom. If you are initially in a state of sitting, then remain seated. Changing your body position can make it difficult to hold urination.

5. Divert your mind
Divert your mind for a while can help you resist urinating. Do not think of anything that reminds you with a bathroom.

6. Drink a lot after pee
Having met the toilet immediately remove the bladder. Then drink plenty of water for your return to urinate to remove toxins and bacteria that are left in the urinary tract.

It must be remembered, holding urination for long periods can cause a serious impact, especially on the kidneys.

As presented Dr. Dr. Nur Rashid, when contacted SpU detikHealth, when a person holding urination, the bladder will expand or stretch. This will make the pump in the bladder can not function properly when urinating, so that not infrequently a lot of people who just finished urinating, shortly thereafter will arise again taste like piss.

“Urine is left much in the bladder to make the channel susceptible to bacterial infections. But if the result of holding such a bladder pump provides high pressure, it can cause kidney damage,” said the physicians who practice on the RSCM and RS ASRI this.

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