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Rich Men Have Long finger

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Want to know if a man is going to succeed and prosper? Try to see the size of his finger, not his wallet. If the ring finger is longer than the other fingers, especially the index finger, it is probable that sustenance will flow smoothly.

According to one study, men who have a longer ring finger size generally have a hard-working character and no quitter, either in money or pursue a potential partner.

Men with long ring fingers also include people who could be relied upon and seriously in touch. Women who want a relationship that “cool-calm” was probably good looking guy though for the used of this type of man with this type is considered boring.

A number of research teams from Canada who conducts research on links between personality and the size of a finger is found, testosterone levels have an effect on the personality of a man. They also measured the fingers 415 men and women and classifications of personality.

According to the results of the study, men who have a longer ring finger size usually have high testosterone levels. Men in this group belong to those who dare to take risks and ready to fight to win in all aspects of his life.

“We found an association between high levels of testosterone by nature a risk taker in the three areas, namely rekresional, social, and financial. Men with this type is usually the target of many women,” said Eric Stenström, researchers say.

In contrast with the woman. According Stenström, there is no influence between the size of your fingers with his personality. “In women, the size of the ring finger and index finger is usually the same,” he said.

Previous studies showed that the most successful banker whose career also has a longer ring finger size. This shows they are people who dare to take risks and react quickly to market changes.

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