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Detecting Disease by Body Odor

Jakarta, No need to panic when it had a body odor problem because different types of fragrances can surely handle it or at least slightly to disguise it. Just be grateful because the actual body odor can indicate a person’s body condition.<!–google_ad_client = “pub-0976096000203244”;/* 336×280, dibuat 10/11/12 */google_ad_slot = “6038428328”;google_ad_width = 336;google_ad_height = 280;//–> <script … Continue reading

4 Breathing Techniques to Cure Illness

Sussex, England, In one day humans breathe approximately 20,000 times, so there’s not much time to pay attention to technique. By mastering certain techniques in drawing and 4 exhale this disease can be overcome without having to take medication.<!–google_ad_client = “pub-0976096000203244”;/* 336×280, dibuat 10/11/12 */google_ad_slot = “6038428328”;google_ad_width = 336;google_ad_height = 280;//–> <script type="text/javascript"src=””&gt; “Breathing with … Continue reading

A glass of Sweet Orange Powerful Reduce Anger

Jakarta, Many ways can be done to quell the anger, such as listening to soft music with a rhythm or just draw a deep breath. There is also a way that is unique yet proven quite effective, ie, drinking a glass of sweet orange. This method will not change someone to be really patient and … Continue reading

Why are People Hungry Easily Angered?

Jakarta, Ada expression petulant nation is a nation that its people are hungry. Apparently the phrase is scientifically proven, that the hungry are easily tempered. Hunger usually begins with the sound ‘rumbling’ in the stomach, continues with a limp and exhausted. Some people who are hungry also suffer from headaches, blurred vision, confusion and dizziness. … Continue reading

Good Scent Good Health

Jakarta, Humans have millions of smell receptors in the nose that can detect odors and guess what is being kissed. Smelling this perfume was good for health. When someone smelled an odor, then the signal will be sent to the limbic system in the brain. The smell that smell can help lower stress levels, improve … Continue reading

Right Way to Brewing Milk

Jakarta, the habit of brewing milk with high-temperature hot water a lot of people do. Though this method is not correct because the temperature is too high it will damage the protein in milk. How to brew a true milk is to use water that is not too hot or the temperature is below 70 … Continue reading

3 Steps To Not Easy to Forget The Name

California, As the aging process, the brain’s ability to keep the memory will continue to decline until finally senile. One indication is easy to forget the names of anyone who has ever known. There are 3 steps to train the memory of a person’s name. Interactions with many people often make the memory of the … Continue reading

Run That Important

Jakarta, One community’s favorite sport is running or jogging. But it turns out this sport can provide some benefits for the body. Here it is 5 reasons why someone needs to run. Some modern studies have categorized the running as a sport suitable for all age groups, which do not require equipment and special requirements … Continue reading

Grapes Able to Bind Toxic Metal in Brain

Manchester, Benefits grapes and other fruits in blue and purple in preventing senile to have been studied scientifically. Recent studies reveal how it works, ie by binding to toxic metals in the brain. Toxins are compounds that form hydroxyl radicals from iron that is not tied to perfection. In the brain, the accumulation of these … Continue reading

Do not Wait Thirst for Drinking

Jakarta, Most people will drink water when thirsty. However, should no longer wait for thirst to come to drink water because if you’re feeling thirsty it signals the body undergoes dehirasi or lack of water. The role of water is very important to humans, can even be synchronized with the body’s need for other nutrients. … Continue reading