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No Need to Chewing Food Up for 32 Times

Jakarta, Chewing long until soft foods are good for digestion. During this time many people cling to the belief that good food chewed for 32 times. But there was no need to chew up to 32 times.

Imagine what it would be like chewing food 32 times? Shaped like the porridge because it was too subtle, there is no sense aka bland and even make people feel sick (like vomiting).

As quoted from, Thursday (12/09/2010) person does not need to chew up to 32 times but quite as much as 10-12 times each time a bribe.

Indeed, this amount varies in each person, depending on the size of food, sex, age and other factors that influence the production of saliva. But enough to chew as much as 12 times can be tolerated by the digestive system.

Chewing activity is to break large food molecules into smaller particles that make the digestive process to be good. Chewing is the process of contact between the food with saliva in the mouth.

Food contact with saliva not only help to lubricate the food so it is more easy to swallow and pass kerongkngan, but the enzymes contained in saliva contribute to the process of digestion.

Enzymes in saliva help break chemical bonds within the food become more simple, usually marked by the emergence of a sour taste.

So if the foods we chew already sour taste or taste of food is no longer like the original taste then the food can be swallowed. So this process does not need to chew 32 times, but not less than 10-12 times for foods does not burden the intestine.

After all when people eat food are expected to enjoy every chew, namely in terms of texture, flavor and aroma of the food into the mouth before swallowing.

For example when people eat a sandwich, as long as he could still distinguish the texture and flavor of salads, bread and chicken then keep on chewing, swallowing and start when all sense is lost or can not be distinguished.

If someone is chewing too fast, then the food is ingested before the enzyme from saliva which helps break down food molecules out. In addition to also make the stomach feel full faster.

But eat enough to chew and enjoy it so the body can provide signals to the brain when food intake is sufficient and avoid overeating that can lead to obesity.

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