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Detecting Disease by Body Odor

Jakarta, No need to panic when it had a body odor problem because different types of fragrances can surely handle it or at least slightly to disguise it. Just be grateful because the actual body odor can indicate a person’s body condition.
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Body odor occurs when there are abnormalities in the composition of sweat that comes out of the glands in the skin surface. The composition of the different causes perspiration odor is also different, so they can know what health problems being experienced by a person’s body.

Quoted from HealthMad, Monday (11/29/2010), the following types of body odor and health conditions that trigger it.

1. The smell of fish
Sweat will smell fishy like a fish if it contains a lot of trimethylamine, a compound commonly found in milk. These compounds are also produced from the metabolism kholin compounds found in eggs and soybeans, as well as N-oxide compounds in fish and seafood.

Increased levels of trimethylamine caused by the inability of the liver to produce enzymes flavin monooxygenase. This enzyme works to break down trimethylamine so as not to cause the fishy smell of sweat, urine and even the breathing air.

2. The smell of ammonia (urine)
High-protein diet is the cause of urine smell in sweat, because the element of strong-smelling ammonia and urine contained in the urea resulting from protein metabolism. Therefore, like body odor is experienced by many athletes and bodybuilder who eat lots of protein to build muscle mass.

The smell of urine also indicate fatigue in the organs such as liver and kidney from too much metabolize protein. Maintain adequate fluids by drinking water can always overcome this disorder.

3. The smell of sugar
Traditional Chinese medicine says the body odor like sugar shows that the performance of the organs of the body is not optimal, such as bloating and colds. Other conditions that also cause body odor as this is pre-diabetes, respiratory infections diptheria and Maple Syrup Urine Disease.

4. Acetone smell (sweet like fruits)
People with diabetes who take insulin have bad breath and body odor similar to acetone, a solvent commonly used to remove nail polish. Therefore, if you find someone with sweat smell like apples, it is likely that person is a diabetic who uses insulin.

5. The smell of elderly
Unhealthy skin can cause body odor similar to the elderly (seniors). The smell like this show the existence of elevated levels of palmitic acid in sweat, which is triggered by an increased bacterial population of the elderly and people with unhealthy skin.

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