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What to Do If Swallowed Gum?

Jakarta, gum is not to be swallowed but sometimes can not accidentally ingested, especially in children. While accidentally swallowing chewing gum usually people will panic. If it were so, what should be done? Chewing gum is made from sweeteners, flavorings and synthetic materials (gum resin). The human body can absorb sweeteners like sugar and can … Continue reading

Your Health Forecast in 2011

Jakarta, New Year 2011 is only days away. Most people want better things, including in terms of health. How to forecast your health in 2011 this? As quoted from, Wednesday (12/29/2010) health is one important thing, here’s a prediction of health in 2011, namely: ARIESAries people usually have a slender body, tall and strong … Continue reading

Changes in Health Conditions by Age

Jakarta, Health humans have evolved with age. The development will reach its peak at the age of 20 years, and if not maintained properly will decline gradually until finally sickly. Quoted from Dailymail, Sunday (2/1/2010), following the development of health conditions that occur at various ages. Age 20-something yearsSerious life-threatening disease rarely appears in this … Continue reading

5 Error in Bath Process

Jakarta, Since the first bath is considered as a useful therapy to relax the mind and cleanse the body if done correctly. But unfortunately some people just make mistakes when taking a bath. Anything? Some other benefits of a bath is to help circulation, relieve stress, soothe sore leg muscles and relieve joint pain inflammation. … Continue reading

The Consequences of Picking Nose

Jakarta, For some people picking is fun or enjoyable activities. But the nose is too often turned out to be harmful to health and body. Based on a survey conducted by a team of researchers from Wisconsin involving 200 participants, found that the average person’s nose 4 times a day which is done while being … Continue reading