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Changes in Health Conditions by Age

Jakarta, Health humans have evolved with age. The development will reach its peak at the age of 20 years, and if not maintained properly will decline gradually until finally sickly.

Quoted from Dailymail, Sunday (2/1/2010), following the development of health conditions that occur at various ages.

Age 20-something years
Serious life-threatening disease rarely appears in this age, so the best step taken is to take reasonable precautions for the long term. Early detection of prostate cancer, cervical and breast and bone density associated routine examination should be given priority.

Age 30s
The ability of metabolic system began to decline, so do not be surprised if at this age people start having obesity if not reduce portions. Set a healthy diet, quit smoking and if I can start tracing your medical history to determine risk of disease that may be inherited from parents.

Age of 40 years
Impaired heart and blood vessels begin to feel at this age so that weight and cholesterol levels should begin to be controlled. For women, the risk of cancer associated with hormone also began stalking towards the menopause period. If taking birth control pills, continue until several years after menopause.

An 50-year age
Precautions to be very important at this age because of serious problems began to emerge, including diabetes and heart disease. Bone density is generally began to decrease significantly, avoid strenuous exercise that burdens the joints like running or jumping rope.

Age 60s
Various types of cancer risks will increase at this age, but not too late to make changes. Maintain ideal body weight and avoiding tobacco remains will facilitate the prevention and treatment even if the disease came too in the end.

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