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The Consequences of Picking Nose

Jakarta, For some people picking is fun or enjoyable activities. But the nose is too often turned out to be harmful to health and body.

Based on a survey conducted by a team of researchers from Wisconsin involving 200 participants, found that the average person’s nose 4 times a day which is done while being free or relaxed.

Nose is a positive activity as it helps clean the nose of dirt or foreign objects that enter by using your finger. Although the general activity, but for certain cultures tend to be taboo because it can cause feelings of disgust and amusement.

Upil in the nose are actually formed from the dried mucus. Mucous membranes in the nasal cavity are continuously produce wet mucus that functions remove dust and other foreign objects that enter the nose. This dries up the mucus that causes the sensation of irritation that sometimes cause itching and lead people to nose.

As quoted from eHow, Friday (7/1/2010) There are several reasons that make someone have to pick one’s nose, namely:

Being filmed or think of something
The most common cause of nose picking occurs when someone is not thinking about anything, confused or bored. This action is similar to nail biting or thumb sucking, therefore not uncommon for people unconsciously do it in public.

Eliminate irritation
The nose has a tendency to become dry and irritated by such things as allergies, chemicals and air pollution. When the nose become irritated, then there will be itching and a desire to scratch through nose.

To relieve nasal secretion
When a cold, sinus infections and allergies can cause nasal secretions or mucus increases. This secretion will dry up over time that makes a person difficult to breathe. Therefore someone will pick one’s nose to make breathing relief and eliminate the accumulation of mucus.

Obsessive-compulsive disorders
One of the signs of obsessive compulsive disorder is like nose picking is called rhinotillexomania. Nose done to alleviate the negative feelings that disturbed him, so often he nose in public and do not see the conditions in the vicinity. People with this disorder require medical assistance or psychologist.

One thing for sure is to always wash hands before and after nose, cutting nails and do not attract upil too hard so as not to hurt the lining in the nose.

But if one’s nose too often can cause a dry nose that may lead to bleeding. This is because naturally nose still require lubrication at all times to prevent it from drying.

Whereas if someone rarely nose, the mucus is mixed with dirt that will further solidify that inhibit breathing (trouble breathing) and to make the nose could no longer effectively filter out foreign objects from the outside.

Due to its frequency of nose are:

1. Easy to get the flu
Flu viruses can pass through the mucous membranes that one of them found in the nose. Inserting fingers contaminated with this virus into the nose can cause a person with flu caused by oneself. In the next few days, someone could have had the flu, throat itching and sneezing attacks.

2. Nosebleed
If too often with a loud nose or nose can cause damage to the lining of the nose that serves to protect the body from bacteria and foreign objects in the air, thus causing a nosebleed.

3. Infection
In addition to flu virus infection, too often nose causing germs and bacteria more easily enter the nose and spread to other body parts.

4. Nose hair shed
When the nose is consistently dna continuous nose will cause hair loss. And this hair has an important function to filter out dust and pollutants in the air. Without a nose hair will pave the way for all kinds of diseases and infections enter the body.

5. Can die
This condition can occur when someone tries to remove a large upil. Because there is bone in the nose called the ethmoid bone, this bone separates the nose from the brain. If one’s nose pierced when this bone, it can leak fluid in the brain that cause meningitis.

source: (http://www.detikhealth.com/read/2011/01/07/182327/1542018/766/akibat-akibat-keseringan-mengupil)



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