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What to Do If Swallowed Gum?

Jakarta, gum is not to be swallowed but sometimes can not accidentally ingested, especially in children. While accidentally swallowing chewing gum usually people will panic. If it were so, what should be done?

Chewing gum is made from sweeteners, flavorings and synthetic materials (gum resin). The human body can absorb sweeteners like sugar and can add calories if chewing gum contains sugar high.

But the human digestive tract can not digest the gum resin. Usually with the aid of peristalsis of the bowel (intestine pushing it), then chewing gum will come out when people defecate.

Launched buzzle, Tuesday (28/12/2010), the entire process of gum resin from the esophagus into the stomach, intestines and out through the excretion of body usually takes 2-3 days. This proves that in fact not harmful if accidentally swallowed chewing gum.

But that does not mean that chewing gum may accidentally be swallowed. Swallowing chewing gum for some time does not harm the body, but when it occurs continuously and in relatively short time can cause intestinal blockage.

The children with small intestinal tract most vulnerable choke when swallowing chewing gum. In rare cases, gum is ingested in large quantities can also cause abdominal bloating, diarrhea or constipation (difficult bowel movements).

So what to do if they do not accidentally swallow chewing gum?
1. Drink lots of water.
This is to avoid chewing gum for not closing the esophagus that cause choking, especially in children.

2. To quickly remove chewing gum from the body, can also be assisted with food.
Food will help to encourage chewing gum so that peristalsis of the bowel more quickly remove it from the body.

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