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Your Health Forecast in 2011

Jakarta, New Year 2011 is only days away. Most people want better things, including in terms of health. How to forecast your health in 2011 this?

As quoted from, Wednesday (12/29/2010) health is one important thing, here’s a prediction of health in 2011, namely:

Aries people usually have a slender body, tall and strong bones, but the head is the body regions most susceptible to illnesses such as headaches and migraines. In addition, Aries people tend to have poor dental hygiene and acne in adolescence and early baldness in men. 2011 Aries people tend to have good health, but still have to maintain good health and be cautious in March and April.

Taurus people tend to have excess body weight and body fat oendek. Most people susceptible to disease Taurus
goiter, a disease of the throat, constipation and suffered from aches and pains in joints. In April is a time for the Taurus has a low energy, for the Taurus people must be smart to set nutritional intake well.

Most of the Gemini has a body that tall, upright and strong. For the health sector Gemini people are susceptible to several diseases associated with the lungs such as asthma, bronchitis and the common cold. Gemini people tend to be born a worrier, so it is at risk of stress and tension. For example, it takes time relaxing weekend break or take a long vacation.

Cancer people are usually small but strong, and has the upper body stronger. Health area that must be considered by the Cancer is a breast and some diseases associated with the stomach. Long-term health problems are generally handled well in the years ahead. And begin to reduce junk food and increase wheat bread, vegetables and fresh fruit.

Leo people generally have broad shoulders, oval face and voice firm and strong. Parts of the body become a serious concern is the dorsal spine, the nerves of the heart, blood circulation and wrist (should be careful when lifting the goods). Most people Leo has a good year in terms of health, but began to improve his lifestyle sheingga could get better health again.

Most of the Virgo has a slender physique, dark hair and round face. Virgo people should give attention to the organs of the stomach, duodenum, and the health of nails. Therefore people should make sure to get the Virgo enough fiber. In addition, Virgo people should keep the body well as susceptible to flu in May, and taking vitamins and minerals.

Libra people tend to have beautiful skin that remained until old age and a round face. The organs of the body that should be a serious concern is the complaint of kidney and bladder disorders. Libra people have a positive influence and full of vitality throughout the year, but should still do some sports.

Most Scorpios have a strong and sturdy body and tend to have more feathers. But people should pay attention Scorpio intestinal bladder, prostate, nasal bone and sexual organs. And must be careful with hernia problems and may suffer from menstrual disorders. Health problem especially in the bones and joints will be reduced in 2011.

Sagittarius has a body that is active, strong and high. But people should pay attention Sagittarius the thigh, hip, bone and muscle, hence the Sagittarius vulnerable to diseases associated with muscular aches and pains, arthritis and rheumatism. For that walking, light exercise and also drink milk calcium can help keep teeth and bones.

Capricorn people have a body that tall and slender, and has a long neck. But having a weak strength in the lower body and also the knee, hence the greatest enemy of Capricorn is the problem of rheumatism and also dislocated knee and foot. General guidelines for next year is well rested to reduce the risk of stress and also not doing too much.

Aquarius people have a short and fat body, but tend to have a healthy body. Aquarius people should be careful with the calf, circulation, breathing and had to be careful to avoid accidents. The biggest health threat is a concern, stomach and digestive disorders. To make sure that Aquarius people eating fruits and vegetables.

Pisces people generally have a perfect eye, but has the body bent so that yoga is the right activity. Health problems that can interfere with the health of the fingers, feet and lymphatic system. But be careful minor accident in March and September.

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