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Airport Radiation Scanner is not Dangerous

Risk of cancer due to radiation effects associated with one type of scanner (scanner) airport security, according to the researchers, is low. Especially during this scanner was operated and functioning accordingly. “The dose is low, very low,“ said Rebecca Smith–Bindman, professor of radiology at the University of California, San Francisco. He concluded, after making calculations … Continue reading

Many More Young Teens Died

Cases of death among adolescents ages turned out to show the increasing trend lately. A global report said, early death tend to be more prevalent among teenagers and young adults than children. Research published in medical journal The Lancet, which collects data from 50 countries either state-level rich-poor medium and during the last 50 years … Continue reading

5 Facts About Beer

If the United States has authorized alcoholic beverages, beer may be selected. According to data Brewers Association, the American beer market reached 101 billion U.S. dollars in 2009. In addition to the land of Uncle Sam, the beer is included in a popular beverage worldwide. Although containing alcohol, beer was also have health benefits. In … Continue reading

When will Female Breasts Looks Most Perfect ?

Breasts are one body part that is guarded by women and most often admired by men. But the truth is when women have the most beautiful breasts? Female breast development occurs in several stages throughout his life. Starting in the period before birth, at puberty and after puberty. The changes also often occur during menstruation … Continue reading

Too Many Laugh Make Memory Unsharp

Columbia, research shows, memory decline as a person too much to laugh or be in a happy mood. This phenomenon may explain why people become a little forgetful when in a party. For example, when exchanging telephone numbers with old colleagues in a ceremony full of laughter, if not recorded will often forget as soon … Continue reading

Angelina Jolie Cite as Comics

Famous actress Angelina Jolie‘s life is always a public concern. This is captured by Bluewater Productions will soon launch a comic based on the ins and outs of life and career of the actress. Oscar-winning actress will be the main character in the comic, entitled Female Force: Angelina Jolie. This comic will be launched on … Continue reading

Rihanna: I Like Being tied and ‘Spanked ‘

Shown open–aperture and Nudity on stage apparently not enough for Rihanna. The singer has just one ‘open secret‘ in Rolling Stone’s sex life. Even this pretty girl confessed that she was a little ‘masochistic‘ on the bed! In connection with his sex life, the singer who just got bad luck because the video clip and … Continue reading

Jennifer Aniston Made A Short Film About Cancer

It is not the first time the name of Jennifer Aniston called the director. About five years ago, the actress whose name is attached to the television series, FRIENDS also had a short film entitled Room 10. This time, Aniston will return to sit in a chair and working on short film director who spoke … Continue reading

Meet The New Lara Croft

With Tomb Raider: Underworld on the horizon, it’s time to roll-over that lease into a newer model for series heroine Lara Croft. Meet 23-year-old Alison Carroll, a professional display gymnast from the Croydon area of London, England, who has performed in front of Prince Charles himself. Miss Carroll beat out hundreds of applicants for the … Continue reading

Gwyneth Paltrow is Learning Kick Drunk by Robert Downey Jr.

Gwyneth Paltrow who played a singer who likes to get drunk in the film turns COUNTRY STRONG seek advice from Robert Downey Jr. to be able to appreciate his role in the film. The actress was 38 years sends a message to Robert via email, and hope to get help from players such Sherlock Holmes. … Continue reading