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10 World Celebrities People with Dyslexia

MANY people who do not realize that they actually have suffered from dyslexia, the inability to learn from someone who caused difficulties in reading and writing activities. It includes world leaders and celebrities, who are they? Here are ten of them.

1. Orlando Bloom
Yes, the formidable pirate in the Pirate of the Caribbean it was suffering from dyslexia. “It takes great effort in the face of this disease,” he said when the story about her experience have grown up with the disease.

2. Henry Winkler
Former Happy Days star is divided pengalamnnya to go campaigning in an effort to ask the U.S. government gave special attention to children people with dyslexia.

3. Vince Vaughn
Wedding Crasher movie stars appeared to have difficulty in reading.

4. Keanu Reeves
You previously did not think that this handsome actor was not dyslexic? Even so, the difficulty in learning to balance it with his expertise in field hockey when the high school.

5. Billy Bob Thornton
Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband, it is also people with dyslexia, but he claimed never to surrender in the face of such illness.

6. Robin Williams
Whatever its role, both as Mrs. Doubtfire or as Genie in Disney movies, Aladdin, Robin has played all of them well and without blemish. Who would have thought this humorous man was suffering from dyslexia.

7. Tom Cruise
One of the men in Hollywood terganteng this was dyslexia. He seeks to overcome the disease to undergo Scientology, which is related techniques developed by American author, L. Ron Hubbard for about 30 years, as a self-help philosophy.

8. Danny Glover
Despite suffering from dyslexia, Glover was able to become a star in some movie Lethal Weapon.

9. Jay Leno
Although he was once a poor student mild dyslexia sufferer, Leno is able to obtain a degree in speech therapy from Boston’s Emerson College in 1973.

10. Albert Einstein
Although not a celebrity, Einstein was one of the most influential figures in the world. The genius creator of relativity theory in fact suffering from dyslexia.

Thus, when we see, dyslexia does not hamper people to move forward and reach the dream. If you suffer from dyslexia, oarng hopefully inspire people above you. Never stop hoping.




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