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Risk of Lung Cancer Can Seen from Nail Conditions

San Diego, nail condition is not only related to the risk of hygiene problems such as diarrhea and intestinal worms. Nails can also be used to estimate the risk of lung cancer in men with more accurate than examination of urine and saliva.

Research shows that men who nails a lot containing nicotine has risks
lung cancer 3.5 times higher than if the nails do not contain nicotine. Of the 33,737 men studied for 13 years, 210 of whom had high nicotine levels and eventually lung cancer.

In that study, researchers from the University of California at San Diego using a piece of toenail nicotine content were analyzed. The
participants were also given a questionnaire about smoking habits during the study
take place as well as in the past.

Nicotine levels also can be measured from other places such as urine and saliva or saliva. However, more accurate measurements in nail polish because perumbuhan slower, so that residual nicotine in the network are relatively more stable than in urine and saliva.

High nicotine levels associated with cancer risk, because the presence of these compounds show a history of cigarette smoke pejanan with hundreds of species
toxic carcinogens (cancer-triggering) in it. Nicotine itself is actually not trigger cancer.

Interestingly, nicotine content in the nails are not always associated with active smokers. A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology shows, a relatively high content of nicotine is also found in 10 percent of men who only become passive smokers.

“Previous studies more often associate the danger of tobacco smoke with lung cancer risk in active smokers. As a result the risk of passive smoking less attention,” the researchers wrote, as quoted from MSNHealth, Sunday (03/06/2011)

source: http://health.detik.com/read/2011/03/06/080739/1585392/763/risiko-kanker-paru-bisa-dilihat-dari-kondisi-kuku



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