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Spider’s Poison Can Make Erections Longer than 4 Hours

Jakarta, Most people who found the spider in her bedroom quickly be rid of him. But new research suggests that spider bites can cause side effects erection 4 hours longer.

Scientists say that the spider bite that a lot of wandering in Brazil has proven to have side effects provide an erection 4 hours longer. This could make spider venom as a new kind of Viagra.

Eight-legged creatures known as the armed spider, banana spider (banana spider) or Phoneutria nigriventer, is the spider who originated in Central and South America.

Scientists at the Medical College of Georgia believe that this species may be a new breakthrough to overcome erectile dysfunction, aka impotence in men.

“Poison spider Phoneutria nigriventer is a very rich mixture with a few molecules. These molecules are called venom and each toxin has a different aktivtas,” said Dr. Nunes Kenya, physiologist at the Medical College of Georgia, as reported by Dailymail, Tuesday (8/3/2011).

According to Dr Nunes, when humans are bitten by a spider, he will experience various symptoms including priapism, a condition that makes the penis and hold an erection.

Side effects other than a long and painful erections are the loss of muscle control, severe pain, difficulty breathing, and if the victim is not treated with anti-poison then could lead to death from lack of oxygen.

“But the unusual side effects can be used to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women,” said Dr. Nunes.

In his study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Dr. Nunes experiment succeeded in making mice that develop high blood pressure becomes erect.

Dr Nunes gave peptide called PnTx2-6 in mice that have erectile dysfunction to achieve an erection free from side effects.

“We found the poison that is responsible for the erection and experiments conducted using rats with hypertension who experience severe erectile dysfunction. Toxin is able to normalize the erectile dysfunction in animals,” said Dr. Nunes.

Although spider venom works differently with drugs such as Viagra, but Dr. Nunes said that this is good because some patients do not respond to conventional therapy commonly given.

“This could be an optional treatment for them,” added Dr. Nunes.

Dr. Nunes is also hoped that these toxins can help sexual dysfunction in women, but he has not studied it.

The spider Phoneutria nigriventer has leg span of more than four inches (10 cm) and has been found in some supermarkets the United States and Canada, but is usually found in tropical banana plantations.

According to the curator of arachnids at the University of Washington Burke Museum, Rod Crawford only 10 of the 7,000 people die from spider bites.

source: http://health.detik.com/read/2011/03/08/143750/1586938/763/racun-laba-laba-bisa-bikin-ereksi-4-jam-lebih-lama



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