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Take 7 Benefits of Flowers for Healthiness

EXCEPT unsightly, fragrant, and provide more value to a decoration, do you know that flowers also have health value? Not only can ease the SRES, the flower is also rich in various hormones that are good for health.

Here are some health benefits for interest, including to the skin, aromatherapy, and improve mood.
1. Roses are often used as an ingredient in the drink for those suffering from irritable bowel disease, gall bladder, and liver problems. Rose water is clean water and has a flavor that can enhance the atmosphere
2. Kenikir petals can be used as a drug a good eye wash. The experts also said kenikir can be used as an ointment to heal wounds, scratches because it has antiseptic and antifungal properties.
3. Dandelion extract can be used to treat anemia and jaundice as well as to purify the blood.
4. Chamomile can get rid of gas in the intestines, reducing stress, and heal skin burns and irritation. It could also overcome the canker sores, abdominal pain, and sore muscles.
5. The content of calendula flowers (or legend) are useful for relieving pain during menstruation, sore throat, and tonsillitis.
6. Juice made from chrysanthemum can be used as medicine for fever. You can also use it to reduce swelling and redness.
7. Gargling with sunflower extract can help relieve sore throat.




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